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The Shelby White-Leon Levy Program Grant Recipients 2006-2007

July 18, 2006

The Shelby White-Leon Levy Program has awarded the following grants supporting research on terminated and unpublished archaeological fieldwork for 2006-2007:

Abbas Alizadeh from the University of Chicago—The Excavations at Tall-e Ghazir, Iran

Rémy Boucharlat from Maison de l‘Orient—Saving 20 years of Excavation at Susa, Iraq

Meredith S. Chesson and R. Thomas Schaub from the University of Notre Dame—Numeira: Excavations at the Town Site (1977-1983) Volume 3 of the Final Publications of the Expedition to the Dead Sea Plain, Jordan

Michael D. Danti from the University of Pennsylvania—Hasanlu Tepe: The Early Iron Age Citadel, Iran

Anna de Vincenz from the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research—The Islamic Period in Ramla

Lynn Swartz Dodd from the University of Southern California—The Tell al-Judaidah Publication Project, The Later Phases, Amuk Plain, Turkey

Jan Driessen from Université Catholique de Lauvain—The Minoan Settlement at Myrtos-Pyrgos, Crete, Greece

Arianna Esposito from the Université de Paris—The Final Report of Excavations at Moio della Civitella, Italy

Zvi Gal of the Israel Antiquities Authority—The Peqi‘in Cave–A Chalcolithic Burial cave, Upper Galilee, Israel

Hilary Gopnik from Franklin & Marshall College—On the High Road: The History of Godin Tepe, Iran

Richard Janko from the University of Michigan—Ayios Stephanos in Laconia: Final Site Report, Greece

Oded Lipschits from Tel Aviv University—Volume III of the Ramat Rachel Excavation Report

Timothy Matney from the University of Akron; Hassan Fazeli from the University of Tehran; Holly Pittman and Christopher Thorton from the University of Pennsylvania—Final Report on the Schmidt Expedition to Cheshmeh Ali, Iran, 1934-1936

Ze‘ev Meshel from Tel Aviv University—Kuntillet ‘Ajrud–An Iron Age Way-side Religious Center in Sinai, Israel

Joe Uziel and Aren Maeir of Bar-Ilan University—The Tel Nagila Publication Project, Israel

Heather E. Snow from the University of Toronto—The University of Chicago Excavation at Tell Ta‘yinat, Amuq Plain, Turkey

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